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 Every tree counted and 
 measured with ultimate 

inventory of each tree

As a forest owner, you can now easily get a high-precision forest inventory from your forest estate. Our service gives you detailed information of every single tree. We apply data gathered with your own drone fleet, or we can help you to contract flight services locally.

Inventory can be done for example four times a year instead of doing the traditional way twice a rotation period. Our quick service provides you processed tree wise and stand wise data in a couple of weeks after the drone flights.

Using the service is easy via a clear map interface.​

We utilize the latest technology

For the tree interpretation we use artificial intelligence technology. Thanks to the accuracy of the data, it is possible to take into account different tree species and their growth stages. Based on the tree level data, the platform produces optimal and very precise management units.


If necessary, the boundaries of the management units can be adjusted by the user, after which the attributes are updated automatically.


We can also support  you on establishing your own drone fIeet with long endurance hybrid drones with high end sensors.

Optimized plan is available for multiple uses

The results can be viewed via a map interface, or alternatively the results can be imported to existing forest information systems.

Based on the results we can provide an optimized forest management plan which considers different objectives and constraints of the user. The results can also be used for producing the accurate forest valuation.

Interpretation can be used also to map and determine natural hazards like the storm or insect damages.

Reliable information of your forests

Reliable information
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