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General Terms and Conditions for the Website

Data Protection, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy


The terms of use specified on this page are applied to the website maintained by AFRY Management Consulting Oy (AFRY) and the material presented on the site.

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Our privacy policy can be read here:


Terms of Use


Intended Purpose of the Website


The aim of the website is to convey information on the operations of AFRY, and the products and services provided by the company. The website contains, for example, information related to the products and services, client experiences, and blog posts.


User Rights


As a user of the website, you can share the content presented on the site in external online communities and services in accordance with these terms of use and the separate terms of use applied to them. When the commenting tools of other social networking services are used, the terms of use of the services are applied to the use. When the user shares content outside this website, AFRY shall not be responsible for data processing that is subject to the terms of use of third parties.


The content, images, and logos on the website are the property of AFRY or its collaboration partners and protected by copyright, unless otherwise specified. The use of newsletters published by AFRY, and other content that is intended for public use, for public communication activities is permitted if the source of the information is indicated in connection with the use. It is forbidden to sell the website content either partially or in full or to use the website content in a manner that adversely affects its value or intended purpose.


Immaterial Rights


AFRY owns the property rights to the material and content on the website except for the material produced by third parties, to which AFRY only has user rights. The copyright and other rights related to such texts, images, and other third-party material on the site belong to the authors of the material or the holders of registration.




AFRY shall not be, under any circumstances, responsible for any indirect, direct, or incidental damages or damages that have been caused by the use of, or confidence in, the presented information and material. AFRY shall neither be responsible for any damages that are caused by an interruption in the use of the website or the inability to access the website. AFRY has the right to terminate the entire online service if it so decides. The website is managed via the service.


In addition to the website maintained by AFRY itself, also contains links to sites that are owned or maintained by third parties. By following a link to a website, the user accepts the fact that the target website is not managed by AFRY that AFRY does not have the opportunity to affect the content of the material that is created or published on the site. Terms and conditions, which restrict the use of the site and which must be read before commencing the use, may be related to the linked website. AFRY shall not be responsible for any material contained by third-party websites.


Use of Cookies and Visitor Monitoring


AFRY collects data on the users of its website with the aid of Google Analytics and cookies. Data is collected for advertising purposes and in order to develop the website and improve the user experience.


In order to be able to carry out the required monitoring activities, Google Analytics uses cookies, with the aid of which our website identifies your computer when you return to this website or browse it. Via Google Analytics, we collect general statistical data on the use of the website for the development of the service. Such data includes the number of visitors, country of use, time of use, and the used browser, as well as the content the visitor has viewed and the page via which the visitor has entered the service. With the aid of the data saved in Google Analytics, each individual user is identified, but any natural persons cannot be identified through the collected data.


Additional information on the Google Analytics program is available at


Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s browser, and they usually contain an anonymous identification number. Thus, the data saved in cookies is anonymous and the user cannot be identified on the basis of the data. Cookies do not damage the data terminal, either. Some of the cookies are related to the functionalities of the website, such as the management of the graphical or text-based version and the adjustment of font size, whereas some are related to the collection of statistical data on the use of the website. The social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) share buttons also set cookies, as do Youtube and Vimeo, since the website may contain embedded videos that have been published on those platforms. As part of these terms of use, you accept the use of cookies as a user of the site. You may, however, prevent the reception of cookies by adjusting your browser settings, if you so wish. This, however, may affect some functionalities and is thus not recommended.

Possible Changes and the Applicable Law


These terms of use are valid until further notice. Any changes made to the terms of use are always indicated on this page.


Finnish law shall be applied to these terms and any disputes arising in connection with the website or its content or use.

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